Core Values




Generous – Part with goods and benefits for the sake of those around you, your community, your environment, and your world.  Relinquish self-interest at times for the interest of others.  Be charitable in your assumptions for other.  Be helpful and seek to empower others.  Give what you can, when you can, and be happy about it. 


Responsible – Take ownership over your actions.  Own how you make others feel and consider those feelings before taking action.  Honor the cleanliness, purity, and needs of our shared environment inside and outside of the school.  Act with an inner sense of morality no matter who is or is not watching.  Take action out of a sense of righteousness and truth even when it is difficult, burdensome to do so, or easier to take a less righteous or less truthful path.  Live truth and speak it despite all temptations not to. 


Optimistic - Acknowledge that there are always solutions and work to uncover them.  Balance doubt with hope.  Even when quietly distressed, forever believe that everything is possible.  


Willing - Try new things.  Always know that there is more to learn and seek to understand.  Step outside your comfort zone, sometimes physically, sometimes mentally, but never morally. 


Innovative - Be eager to understand and question everything.  Reflect on and reconsider past thoughts, events, and actions.  Seek out information from multiple sources.  Dare to dream, dare to be different, and dare to be amazing.


Nurturing – Honor all life.  Take care of life, help it to grow, learn about problems facing others and seek to help fix them. 


Great – Know that you are great.  Seek greatness in everything that you do.  Set excellence as your bar. Be uncomfortable with mediocrity.  Act as if you were born to do something great.  Never give up especially when faced with challenge and difficulty.  Work hard.