Keyboarding is becoming increasingly important in the real world as well as in the academic world.  This year all of our state tests must be completed online.  Please try the following programs to help increase scholar typing ability.  We want state tests to measure how much scholars know, not how well they can type.  Please make sure this is not an obstacle by making sure scholars are practicing at least 15 minutes EVERY night.  Please see the following typing programs you can use.   BBC Dance Mat Typing Typing Games



Chatt Hills Time Capsule - Deadline October 15th


Dress Code


The purpose of the CHCS dress code is to create a safe and respectful community where students can place their sole focus on learning. The dress code is in effect from the start of the school day until the end of the school day. Students are required to wear the CHCS uniform Monday-Friday, unless otherwise noted.

The Dress Code Defined

Students must arrive at school in the CHCS uniform every day. The uniform includes:

School uniforms are expected the first day of school.  If you are encountering any problems, please let your student's teacher know.

School uniform is a navy blue school logo shirt for K-4th grades and an evergreen school logo shirt for 5th-7th grades, purchased at any vendor, but with the school logo embroidered or a school logo patch attached on the upper left hand side of the shirt.  Bottoms (pants, shorts, capris, skorts, dress with school logo, jumper with school logo) can be brown, black, blue, or khaki and purchased at any vendor.

In addition to our dress code, students must come prepared for the natural elements. This includes umbrellas, rain boots, rain coats, hats, gloves, and winter coats if the weather calls for them.


Uniform Providers:

Land’s End


Prestige Apparel:


Located inside Greenbriar Mall

$5 embroidery of logo  if you bring your own Polo Shirt


SafeGuard Apparel:



J & R Clothing in Fayetteville




Uniform Logo: