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Online Resources

Jupiter Ed Click the link to log-in and keep track of your scholar’s progress in all courses.  The school has provided log-in information to all families.

7 Systems that Work for Outside-the-Box Learners

Khan Academy This is a great way for students to get extra support for what they are learning in school.  You will need to set up a parent account.  If you have a Google account, you can set it up using that account.  Then, you can help your child set up a student account.

Math Support for Parents: Sign up for a free account at to access:

• Homework Helpers (PK-12)

• Parent Tip Sheets (K-8)*

• Grade Roadmaps (K-8)*

• Sample problems*

• Card Games*

• Videos*

Important Dates & Announcements

  Trimester Exams – October 26th & October 27th

Flight 5K and Fall Festival – October 28th - Click here for more information!

  ComMunity Gathering- October 30th at 9:50am for Middle School

  Denim and Diamonds at Wilkerson Farms- November 4th @6:00pm RSVP

  Parent Conference Night- November 6th @ 4:30pm


Testing Tips

Test Taking Tips for ParentsFind tips on how to approach test taking with your child(ren) here.


Teaching & Learning in Action


Did You Know?

Children who are “well-read-to” (at least five times a week), when asked to tell a story, used more literary language than unread to children, and they used more sophisticated syntactic forms, longer phrases, and relative clauses. They were also better able to understand the oral and written language of others – an important foundation for the comprehension skills that will develop in the coming years. Wolf, M. (2007). Proust and the Squid: The Story and Science of the Reading Brain. New York: Harper Perennial.