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Testing Tips

Below are articles from Scholastic that are full of ideas on how to reduce anxiety and make scholars at ease about testing.  Use what best suits the needs of your scholars!

· Top 5 Ways to Prepare Students for Standardized Tests

· No Pain, High Gain: Test Prep Tips for Reading Comprehension and Math

· Teaching Tip: Preparing for High-Stake Testing



Developing Student Voice Through Great Content and Strong Instructional Practices

Do you need ideas on how to build a classroom of readers?  Click here!

Click on the 3 links below for free resources for teaching about St. Patrick’s Day:

12 Free Things for St. Patrick’s Day

Top 12 St. Patrick’s Day Lessons

Videos and Lessons by Grade levels about St. Patrick Day

6 Ways to Teach Black History All Year Round- This article provides ways to keep Black History alive throughout the school year.

Three Key Questions on Measuring Learning - This article looks at different ways to assess and ways of using assessment data.

Road Tested/3 Steps for Think Alouds - This articles provides 3 easy steps to make think alouds more purposeful for scholars.

Confronting Inequity/Unconscious Bias Hurts - "Racial slights can take a mental toll on students of color."

Circling Up for Community Building - This article provides ideas for community building in the classroom before conflicts arise.

In Schools, Teacher Quality Matters Most - What is the single most influence on students' success?  Read this article to learn of the findings from multiple studies on this topic.


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Curriculum / K, 1, 2 Teachers

Did You Know?

Did you know…….

The most successful way to improve the reading achievement of low-income children is to increase their access to print. Newman, Sanford, et all. “American’s Child Care Crisis: A Crime Prevention Tragedy”; Fight Crime: Invest in Kids, 2000.