Welcome Letter from Our New Executive Director

Dear Parents/Guardians and Chatt Hill Community Members,

My name is Chester Asher and I am the new Executive Director at Chattahoochee Hills Charter School.  I come to Chatt Hills with eight years experience as a teacher, six years as an administrator for some of the most successful charter school networks in New York City, and a shared passion for our children to excel at the highest levels.

With the help of teachers, staff, families, and students, we will develop Chatt Hills as the standard bearer in environmental, agricultural, and artistic education.  We will accomplish this by doing the following:

  • Providing continued and effective support and development of teachers. 
  • Strengthening operations by creating clear lines of communication between staff members and between the school and parents.
  • Solidifying the curriculum by utilizing a shared online platform for lesson plans and curriculum materials.
  • Sharing curriculum resources with students and families online.
  • And recruiting and retaining a strong principal to help us through the renewal of our charter and beyond… 

I have successfully worked with schools through successful charter renewals before and I am confident that Chatt Hills will also be successful when we submit our charter renewal application in two years.

Please reach out at any time via phone, text, or email.  My contact information is below.

I am eager and excited to get this year started, as I know it will be an amazing year for our kids and the Chatt Hill community.  Please find attached important information regarding Open House and the beginning of school.

Thank you,

Chester Asher M.T., M.P.A., J.D.

Chester Asher