School Nutrition Program


Food Service Caterer for 2019-2020: Piccadilly Catering


Current Meal Prices

Breakfast Full Pay: $2.10

Breakfast Reduced Pay: $.30

Lunch Full Pay: $3.50

Lunch Reduced Pay $.40


Paying for Meals

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We are a peanut/tree nut free campus!

This means, we have a high student population with allergies to nuts. Please DO NOT send any food items containing nut related items (such as peanut butter, pine nuts, etc)

Meal Charging Policy

Chattahoochee Hills Charter School participates in the National School Lunch and Breakfast Program which permits the school system to offer free and reduced priced meals to students who qualify. The School Nutrition Program (SNP) is a self-sustaining enterprise through the local board of education. Therefore, the program must rely on meal payments and federal/state reimbursements to fund the program.

Purpose of this Criteria/Procedure: STATEWIDE SCHOOL NUTRITION PROGRAM requires the School Food Authority (SFA) to make school meals available to every student in attendance between the hours of 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. Federal regulations prevent the denial of a meal to a student eligible for free meals, except under certain circumstances, such as when the parent has refused the program benefit.

Neither state rules nor federal regulations require the service of meals to paid or reduced-price students without payment unless the SFA or school has been approved to be in the Special Assistance Certification and Reimbursement Alternative Provision.

The local SFA will ensure that the charge policy is available to all stakeholders through student handbooks and schools web sites.

Payment Responsibility for Free/Reduced Price Meal Applicants: It is the parent’s/guardian’s responsibility to provide the means for their student to be properly fed and ready to learn. In order to do this, parents have three options:

Provide money online for the student or students to purchase a school meal, Complete the free/reduced application to determine eligibility of meal benefits, or Send a lunch from home

All students are eligible to apply for free or reduced meal benefits. Federal guidelines allow school systems a maximum of ten (10) days to approve a new free and reduced price meal application. No student is allowed a free and reduced price meal without a current approved application on file in the School Nutrition Department. Parents/guardians who apply for free and reduced price meal benefits are responsible for payment of all school meals and accumulated charges until approval is granted. Once approval is granted, parents will receive a notification letter of a student’s eligibility showing the effective date. If a notification letter is not received 2 within ten (10) days, parents should check with the School Nutrition Central Office to see if the free and reduced application has been received.

Excessive Charges/ Alternative Meal: It is the desire of the SNP that all students receive a healthy meal. Parents and/or guardians are responsible to provide the means for their child(ren) to be properly fed and ready to learn. In the event any student has reached the maximum charge limit of $40.00, the student will be given an alternative meal. The alternative meal will include a cheese sandwich and milk. Any student with a balance over $40 will be charged for a meal consisting of a cheese sandwich and milk for $1.00. No alternative will be available. Unpaid balances roll over from the previous year.

Students whose parents/guardians do not pay their meal charges will be referred to the Director of Finance and Operations for assistance in collecting payment. Principals will work with withdrawing, transferring and/or graduating students to collect all negative balances prior to the students last day in school. The school also has the discretion to deny certain student privileges, i.e.  field trips, due to outstanding balances.


"This institution is an equal opportunity provider."