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Strategic Plan


Chattahoochee Hills Strategic Plan 2018-2021

This is the current draft of our 3 year strategic plan.  During October's Coffee and Conversations, parents will have an opportunity to weigh in on the strategic plan.  Teachers will have an opportunity to weigh in on the strategic plan during September's feedback session.  Scholars will have an opportunity to weigh in on the plan during October and November advisory classes.  Donors and other stakeholders will have an opportunity to weigh in on the plan during the school showcase in November or December.



Goals 1-5



  • Be in the top 20% of schools in the state of Georgia for Milestones Achievement.
  • Develop a robust curriclum framework through the arts, the environment, and agriculture that is used as a model for other schools, and where scholars are assesed on critical thinking skills all using , standards based grading and expeditionary learning approaches.
  • Develop a foreign language curriculum framework that culminates in high school credit. 
  • Create a professional development program that ensures 100% of classrooms have an effective teacher. 
  • Embed Hills standards in all grade level curicula and have 100% of 8th graders mastering at least 90% of Hills standards by graduation.



  • Train instructional leaders to have a laser focus on key teacher practices that improve scholar performance.
  • Create an internal pipeline of teachers through the recruitment, retention, and development of student teachers or teaching fellows. 
  • Create, archive, and refine lesson plans and materials throughout the year and summer. 
  • Create, archive, and refine strong interim assessments throughout the year and summer.
  • Align interim assessments with Georgia Milestones.
  • Embed critical thinking assessments and prerequisite practice in every trimester. 
  • Acquire funding for a Spanish teacher.
  • Develop data systems and protocols to identify specific learning strands where scholars struggle and achieve and the corresponding teacher strategies for both struggle and achievement. 
  • Strengthen the Early Morning After School Program to be an extension of the school day, provide tutoring support, and provide extra time for remediation and advancement. 
  • create electronic portfolios for Hills Standards to assess scholar mastery.
  • Move to standars based grading system to ensure scholar mastery.
  • Ensure vertical alignment of all Hills standards.



  • Milestones data.
  • # of partner schools.  Shareable curriculum plans.
  • Teacher growth data.
  • # of scholars earning high school foreign language credit.
  • Mastery portfolios


Rationale: Chattahoochee Hills Charter School was founded to create a new model of education and teach state standards through the celebration and integration of the arts, the environment and agriculture.  As a model, we must be an exemplar and perform at the top tiers of academic achievement by using our tri focus.  We must also prepare scholars to enter the best high schools and succeed there by not only building their critical thinking skills but also by providing the prerequisites that will give them a head start e.g. Spanish EOC.  We must develop and refine an innovative curriculum framework that systematically pushes state standards while creating our own standards for what it means to graduate from Chatt Hills. 


Goals 6-9


Facilities, Tech & Dev

  • Expand the facilities to include 4 state of the art outdoor classrooms, a functional farm, and space for a summer camp. 
  • Close the capital and SLAP funding gap that is not provided to Fulton County charter schools.
  • Provide a laptop and wifi access for every child.
  • Ensure a teacher pay schedule that is competetive and exceeds that of Fulton County.



  • Increase donor list.
  • Develop funding relationship with at least 3 long term grant funding institutions.
  • Create, archive, and refine professional development calendar throughout the school year and summer that systematically utilizes outdoor classrooms and the farm.
  • Create, archive, and refine a summer curriculum for different age groups.



  • Checklist of facilities resources.
  • Amount of money raised.
  • # of renewable funding partners.
  • 1 to 1 access for every scholar.


Rationale: In order to be a model in artistic, environmental, and agricultural education we must design a year-round program that redefines classroom space.  Modern technology allows the classroom, resources, and research to travel wherever scholars are and so we must equip each scholar with the technological tools to keep up in the 21st Century.  Additionally, State tests like the Milestones and the new universal screener are all online and more testing is moving to online.  Our scholars will be at a severe disadvantage if they are not familiar with how to use computers to quickly demonstrate their knowledge.  To achieve these goals we must raise enough money to support these endeavors on a consistent basis.  Though we educate Fulton County students, our students are not afforded the same investment that other public schools are afforded so we must make up this difference through vigorous fund raising efforts to close the funding gap. 


Hills Standards


Environmental Stewardship

  • IWBAT(I Will Be Able To) evaluate environmental problems and propose solutions to address human suffering and needs.
  • IWBAT use the scientific method to test various theories and determine the best cause of action.  
  • IWBAT evaluate needs in order to care for and help sustain a joyful life for various organisms including human beings.


Artistic Expression

  • IWBAT create verbal, visual, musical, performance and digital art to advance a specific purpose.
  • IWBAT to provide in depth critique and analysis of a variety of artistic expressions.
  • IWBAT present and explain the processes, meaning, and potential effects of my art. 


Agricultural Production

  • IWBAT grow at least 3 different types of plants.
  • IWBAT raise plant and/or animal life to provide material for food, clothing, shelter, and other products.
  • IWBAT develop and execute a business plan based on agricultural production.  


Critical Thinking

  • IWBAT reevaluate, reanalyze, and/or reimagine perspectives, facts, concepts, theories, and knowledge in general; and the reasoning that leads to such knowledge.